About how many pages is 3000 word essay

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About how many pages is 3000 word essay

I'd like to talk to you today about redactions, expungements, and blackboxes. Let's first settle a couple of very quick questions that may be occurring to you.

Eskobar, you're not senior staff! What are you doing writing a Guide? I was promoted since I wrote this.

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I'm now a moderator and a remarkably well-respected writer and member of the community. This community clearly has low standards.

I think so, definitely. But that's not a question. This is obviously advice, nothing more, nothing less. I've made some observations regarding expungements and redactions over the last few months, and I'd like to share them.

In those places where I don't expressly say "this is my opinion and I can be completely wrong but what I think is blah," consider that said now.

Remember this, and know that any author worth their salt will agree with this in almost all instances: There is no bad idea that cannot be saved through very, VERY good execution. That said, rules are rules because So read with that frame of mind in place.

But Eskobar, you abjectly suck at using expungements! I have seen it with my own eyes! Yes, and that's part of why I'm writing this guide. Because I am someone who's written a not-inconsiderable body of work, the end result of which having very few expungements.

Those expungements I have used have largely been blackboxes to take out a few numbers here and there. What other expungements I've added at various points in time, I've removed due to people informing me, in no uncertain terms, that they were stupid and didn't belong there.

In short, I have misused expungements enough to know why people do it. And I have appreciated enough well-written ones by others to recognize good ones when I see them.

So it's sort of like being good at doing something, only with the humility of knowing that I'm really, really not. Call it applied objectivity. So this guide will make me good at expunging things? Whoa, pause the movie a minute. If I knew what made you good at expunging things, I would be better at doing it.

As is, this guide is intended to give you a rough-and-ready set of examples of good expungement, to maybe give you an idea of when you shouldn't do it.

But really, what's the big deal? Short of a complete inability to write fluent English, the gross misuse of expungements is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for many people's enjoyment of an SCP.

It can be even worse for some people; a well-conceived and otherwise well-written article can be edited to have good grammar and syntax or better clinical tone, but the only cure for an expungement is for the author to go in and spackle in some actual writing.

About how many pages is 3000 word essay

As we will discuss in a minute, it is fairly easy to see through a badly-written expungement and know exactly why the author did it. It's jarring, it destroys immersion, and it can ruin one's opinion of even otherwise decent SCPs.

And what are these black boxes, anyway? I'll let you read the guides to see how to make the black boxes hint:Hello, folks.

Eskobar here. I'd like to talk to you today about redactions, expungements, and blackboxes. Let's first settle a couple of very quick questions that may be occurring to you. It depends on the size, type of font and sentence spacing of the essay. A 3, word essay with size 12 Arial font, single spaced is about pages.

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