Acid base titration lab essay

Ngo, Camille Lindley O. Tiu Submitted on July 8, Abstract This experiment deals with the construction of titration curves from data gathered through potentiometric titrations.

Acid base titration lab essay

The objective of this experiment were: Titration was used to study acid-base neutralization reaction quantitatively. In acid-base titration experiment, a solution of accurately KHP concentration was added gradually to another solution of NaOH concentration until the chemical reaction between the two solutions were completed.

The equivalence point was the point at which the acid was completely reacted with or neutralized by the base.

Acid-Base Titration Curves - Lab Report

The point was signaled by a changing of color of an indicator that had been added to the acid solution. Indicator was substance that had distinctly different colors in acidic and basic media. Phenolphthalein was a common indicator which was colorless in acidic and neutral solutions, but reddish pink was result in basic solutions.

Investigating solid NaOH for use as a possible primary standard First of all, The weight of a weighting paper was measured in analytical balance, then added two pellets of NaOH and reweighed the total amount of those. At the end of the lab, reweighed the combination and recorded all results in the lab manual.

Preparation and standardization of a solution of sodium hydroxide A clean beaker, burette, three ml Erlenmeyer flasks, and florence flask were rinsed by soap and distilled water.

Acid base titration lab essay

Next, obtained a vial of KHP from the instructor, and poured about 0. Then, filled up about 25ml of distilled water, added 3 drops of phenolphthalein into it and mixed them well by a glass rod. Labeled all solutions to prevent mix them up.

Before the titration began, the buret should be rinsed with NaOH solution and recorded the initial buret reading. Titrated the solutions until the reddish pink color appeared. Recorded the final reading, and calculated the change of volume. Determination of the molar mass of unknown acid Repeated the procedure above, but this time KHP was replaced with an unknown acidic solution and concentration.

Demanded the number of replaceable hydrogen from the instructor. From the titration results of three trial, the average of molarity of NaOH is 0. The percentage deviation in molarity of NaOH had 0.

The possible error in this experiment were:Acid-Base Titration Curves Essay Sample. Learning Objectives to understand the titration curves for the following solutions • a weak acid: acetic acid, CH3COOH. • • • • • a strong acid: hydrochloric acid, HCl.

an acidic commercial cleanser. a basic commercial cleanser. to use the titration curves to calculate the percent of the active ingredients in the commercial cleansers. to. In chemistry, the law of mass action is the proposition that the rate of a chemical reaction is directly proportional to the product of the activities or concentrations of the reactants.

It explains and predicts behaviors of solutions in dynamic alphabetnyc.comically, it implies that for a chemical reaction mixture that is in equilibrium, the ratio between the . Acid base titration lab report: introduction into the theory The most common problem that a chemist faces is a measurement of different reactants.

One has to know the exact concentration of reactive agents in a solution to be capable to use this reagent in further experiments.

Acid base titration lab essay

Titration And Standardisation Abstract Biology Essay Abstract: In this experiment, titration technique was used to detect the equivalence point of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and acetic acid.

The type of titration carried out is acid base titration using oxalic acid dehydrate and sodium hydroxide. Acid-base titration Aim To study the titration curve of a strong base-strong acid, strong base-weak acid and weak acid-strong base titrations Introduction Acid-base titrations are based on the neutralization reaction between the analyte and an acidic or basic titrant.

In an acid-base titration either the concentration of the acid or teh base must be known, then we can use the results of the titration to find the other concentration. A titration is a very accurate procedure, if proper care is taken then the result accuracy of two decimal places can be obtained.

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