An analysis of the injuries in sports

Analyzing Injury Causation in Sports Injuries - Expert Article Article An injury causation analysis can often verify whether or not events took place as described by witnesses. In this article, biomedical engineer, Valentina Ngai, Ph.

An analysis of the injuries in sports

Received Mar 10; Accepted Apr This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract [Purpose] This study describes the characteristics of injuries in strike and non-strike combat sports, and the results are intended for use in the area of sports physiotherapy research.

The participants included elite college players of the following sports: Of the participants, were male and 26 were female. In the case of ssireum and boxing, all of the athletes were male. Dislocation and injuries to the neck, shoulders, and elbows were more frequent in the non-strike sports, while injuries to the wrists and hands were more frequent in the strike sports.

There was a high incidence of sprains, strains, bruises, and injuries to the lower limbs in both groups. Most sports are closely linked with the risk of injury 23. A sports injury is defined as damage to part of the body resulting in inability to practice or compete normally 4.

Because combat sports frequently involve striking, throwing, or immobilizing an opponent, some researchers suggest that they are more dangerous for athletes than other sports 5.

Almost all injuries involved in combat sports are caused by mechanical energy, and this manifests as musculoskeletal injuries. Musculoskeletal injuries usually occur when the body experiences overload through accident or overuse 56.

Many sporting events in Korea revolve around combat sports such as judo, wrestling, kendo, boxing, taekwondo, and ssireum. Ssireum, also called Korean wrestling, is a form of Korean martial arts in which two athletes use strength and various skills to throw their opponent to the ground 7.

Combat sports can be classified into two types: Strike sports involve striking an opponent directly by kicking or punching or by using a weapon. Taekwondo, boxing, and kendo are examples of strike sports.

An analysis of the injuries in sports

Boxing is a contest that involves striking the body or head of an opponent by means of a punch The rules of kendo state that the head, wrist, waist, or throat of an opponent can be struck with a bamboo sword 1112 Athletes who pursue strike sports wear protective equipment.

Taekwondo athletes wear a guard on the head, torso, arms, legs, and groin, while kendo athletes are equipped with protective armor on the head, torso, and forearms.

​The Basics of Analyzing Injury Causation

Boxers use gloves to reduce the risk of injury to their opponents 8101112 Conversely, direct striking is not permitted in non-strike sports, so players do not generally wear protective equipment.

Different rules apply in judo, wrestling, and ssireum, and the common goal of these sports is to overpower an opponent through force and skill 71415 Every combat sports event has physical or injury characteristics based on the combat method, rules, and skills used.

Even within the same sport, there are differences according to playing style 171819 Combat sports are the focus of much attention worldwide, and for this reason, there is a wealth of research available regarding the injuries sustained by combat athletes in various competitions.

These data are typically classified according to event, injured body part, and the epidemiology of the injury. However, little research has been carried out on the playing style of combat athletes, especially in strike and non-strike sports.

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Our study aims to describe the characteristics of injuries sustained in strike and non-strike combat sports so that the data can be used in sports physiotherapy.

The volunteers had no physical or psychological conditions, and all of them provided informed written consent to participation in this study. For the purposes of the study, we divided the participants into two groups according to playing style: Kendo, boxing, and taekwondo are strike sports, while judo, ssireum, and wrestling are non-strike sports.

A survey was conducted for each sport from August to October The questionnaire was filled out directly by the athletes under the supervision of a researcher.


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