An examination of identity in orwells 1984 essay

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An examination of identity in orwells 1984 essay

Introduction Looking at the representation of Eliza Haywood in the works of literary scholars reveals an ambivalent positioning.

An examination of identity in orwells 1984 essay

Whereas some authors regard Haywood's works as central cornerstones of either the genre of the novel or women's writing in general or bothothers hardly mention her and if so, Eliza Haywood is presented more as a public figure in the early eighteenth century or for the arguments she had with contemporary writers like Jonathan Swift or Alexander Pope cf.

A similar phenomenon can be noticed in the way in which her novel Fantomina; or, Love in a Maze is included. Again, some authors make Fantomina and the female protagonist the center of their studies especially in cases where the main focus is on the role of womenothers consider it not even worth mentioning, even when selecting works by Haywood for a special edition cf.

All this leads to the conclusion that Fantomina or Haywood in general is especially relevant for writers dealing with the role of women in literature, either as writers or as protagonists within the actual works. The concept of gender as the distinction between male and female entities is one which has been developed in the 20th century and is at the same time especially a matter of English language.

Many other languages express gender with the same word they use for genre cf. Skinner 53 or for sex 1.

However, gender roles have also been an issue in literature before before the term's introduction.

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In this paper, I will first discuss whether the rise of the novel and Eliza Haywood as a writer have been promotive elements to gender issues in literature. Secondly, I will use some selected elements of Fantomina to examine gender-related questions in the plot and finally, I will use the conclusion to point out the gender roles represented in Fantomina with respect to the time it was written in.

The rise of the novel and Haywood's contribution to feminist literature It is believed by some literary scholars that the event nowadays referred to as the 'rise of the novel' and the advancement of women's writing are inseparably connected.

These writers belonged to the first ones of their kind, writing as women about female heroines for a predominantly female audience.

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Their readers were supposed to be encouraged to assume the perspective of the respective female protagonists in order to "[challenge] male perspective and ideology[ Especially Haywood's works are fast-paced stories with a lot of content on rather few pages, including a "[ Thus for Beasley it is obvious and perspicuous "[ This style shift can also be seen in the comparison between Eliza Haywood's earlier works of the s with Fantomina being one of them and her later fiction written in the s and s.

Donovan recognizes a shift from the 'feminist novel' to the more temperate 'sentimentalist novel' cf.

This assumption is supported by regarding the progression of the books' appearances: The later ones present smaller type and more of it to the page, with lines more regular and typography less emphatic; the new novel looks calm, wise and more like other didactic genres.

Gender case studies in Fantomina 3. However, their public attitude and behavior are more likely to be determined by their respective gender roles than by their class consciousnesses. Throughout the plot we notice that Beauplaisir does not seem to have any second thoughts about doing what we experience him doing, which is in his perception openly seducing several women in short intervals or even parallel to each other.

The protagonist, on the contrary, senses herself forced to camouflage her real identity, confronting the object of her both amorous and sexual desire disguised as one of four aliases in order not to damage her reputation of a Proper Lady of these times, meaning that publically "[ As we know the protagonist to actually provoke Beauplaisir to court her, she achieves a temporary "[ However, the nonexistence of a term does not condition the nonexistence of a phenomenon.e examination package essay; racism ethnic identity essay; happiness emotion essay; are grades and effective means of motivation essay; formation and evolution essay; the significance of vygotskys theories essay; george orwells and ray bradburys fahrenheit essay;.

An examination of identity in orwells 1984 essay

In the following essay, Keskinen examines Orwell’s style and structure in “Shooting an Elephant, ” which he states is an exemplary and effective essay.

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