Factor to consider when selecting instructional method essay

Factor determines the choice of the Teaching methods. Instructional objectives are the term used to describe the procedures and the outcomes expected. This is the result of learning.

Factor to consider when selecting instructional method essay

Schools not only provide education but also a setting for students to develop into adults, form future social status and roles, and maintain social and organizational structures of society.

These groups or tracks are vocational, general, and academic. Students are sorted into groups that will determine educational and vocational outcomes for the future. Thus, students are viewed and treated differently according to their individual track. Each track has a designed curriculum that is meant to fit the unique educational and social needs of each sorted group.

Access to college[ edit ] Not only the classes that students take, but the school they are enrolled in has been shown to have an effect on their educational success and social mobilityespecially ability to graduate from college. For example, there are far fewer first time freshmen within the University of California UC system who graduate from schools where the majority population is an underrepresented racial minority group.

Students from these schools comprise only Despite increased attention and educational reform, this gap has increased in the past 30 years. The higher educational system in the United States relies on public funding to support the universities.

However, even with the public funding, policymakers have voiced their desire to have universities become less dependent on government funding and to compete for other sources of funding.

However, inequities in access to technology still exist due to the lack of teacher training and, subsequently, confidence in use of technologic tools; the diverse needs of students; and administrative pressures to increase test scores. In a survey of teachers participating in an e-Learning for Educators online professional development workshop, Chapman [14] finds that HN schools need increased access and teacher training in technology resources.

Though results vary in their level of significance, teachers of non-HN schools report more confidence in having adequate technical abilities to simply participate in the workshop; later surveys showed that teachers of HN schools report that "they use, or will use, technology in the classroom more after the workshop" less likely that that of teachers of non-HN schools.

Additionally, teachers from HN schools report less access to technology as well as lower technical skills and abilities p.

Even when teachers in low-SES schools had confidence in their technical skills, other they faced other obstacles, including larger numbers of English language learners and at-risk students, larger numbers of students with limited computer experience, and greater pressure to increase test scores and adhere to policy mandates.

Correlations show that as the number of minorities enrolled in a school increase so, too, does the ratio of students to computers, 4. Within school structures, low- socioeconomic status SES schools tended to have less stable teaching staff, administrative staff, and IT support staff, which contributed to teachers being less likely to incorporate technology in their curriculum for lack of support.

The LRE means that children with disabilities must be educated in regular classrooms with their non-disabled peers with the appropriate supports and services. Assistive technology which supports individuals with disabilities covering a wide range of areas from cognitive to physical limitations, plays an important role.

School finance[ edit ] School finance is another area where social injustice and inequality might exist. Schools in low wealth states and districts are especially hard hit, with inadequate instructional materials, little technology, unsafe buildings, and less-qualified teachers" p.

De facto segregation can occur in districts or educational organizations that passively promote racial segregation. Epstein stated the "Two years after the victorious Supreme Court decision against segregation, Oakland's" High School, and then establishing a ten-mile long, two-mile wide attendance boundary, which effectively excluded almost every black and Latino student in the city" p.

S education[ edit ] Since the early 19th Century policymakers have developed a puta of educational program, each which its own particular structural inequality. In the past, public schools were primarily funded by property taxes.

Factor to consider when selecting instructional method essay

Funding was supplemented by other state sources. In the early 19th century, policymakers recognized districts relying on property tax could lead to significant disparities in the amount of funding per student.

To address disparity some states implemented Flat Grants, which typically allocate funding based on the number of teachers.Sep 14,  · What are methods of teaching?

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Explain the factors which do determine the choice of methods to be used in teaching History. Brown wrote “Attaining of Instructional objectives depend on the method used.

If the Instructional objectives need the student to Time is essential factor that determine the method a teacher presenting Author: MY FREE SCHOOL TANZANIA.

* fm field manual headquarters department op the army no. washington, d.c., 20 january techniques of military instruction paragraph page. Factor To Consider When Selecting Instructional Method And Instructional Material Introduction Instructional materials are items that are designed to serve as major tool for assisting in the instruction of a subject or course.

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Factor to Consider When Selecting Instructional Method and Instructional Material Essay CAUSES AND EFFECTS OF Essay on Instructional Materials Structure.

Chapter 4 Instructional Methods and Learning Styles How do we factor the variability of students into our instructional methods?

Factor to consider when selecting instructional method essay

All students are different, and yet there are many commonalties from student to student. learning styles than if we used one method consistently. Teaching methods are the complement of content, just as instruction.

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