In what way or ways does eliza change during the course of the play

Juliet grows from a compliant child to a passionate young woman.

In what way or ways does eliza change during the course of the play

Before your reading The title Pygmalion: In Ovid's Metamophosis, Pygmalion is a sculptor who is not interested in women.

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Pygmalion, however, finds himself in love with his sculpture, Galatea, and he caresses her and offers her with all the gifts women like. At the end, Venus realizes his wish and turn Galatea into a real woman.

Putting the Pymalion myth together with the idea of a romance, we can also think of the Cinderella fairy-tale whose modern versions are Working Girl and Pretty Woman.

This, however, is exactly what Shaw wants to critique.

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What you should find out in the play, then, is what kind of transformation happens in the play, and whether there is a romance as we expect it. It will help if you have a general undersanding of Shaw's style.

In what way or ways does eliza change during the course of the play

He also claims that "[p]rimarily, [his plays] are not plays: What is the setting? This setting brings together what two places? Are these two places symbolic? What issues about money, class and spirituality are raised in this act?

How does this room, like her appearance and the way she sleeps, reflect Eliza's social background and her personality? Characters--Act I offers an overview of the major characters in the play, or a microcosm of London society How would you characterize the traits and relationship of the mother Mrs Eynsford Hilldaughter Clara Eynsford Hilland son Freddy Eynsford Hill?

How would you compare and contrast them with the flower girl Eliza Doolittle? In other words, which of them strike you as being independant and active? How would you describe the gentleman Pickering?

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How does he compare and contrast with the note-taker Higgins? Pay attention to their different treatments of the flower girl. Why is Higgins so upset by Eliza's dialect? How are class differences embodied in the people's different treatments of the flower girl. How is language related to class divisions?

In what ways are the issue of appearance and reality raised?

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How is Higgins' room a contrast to Eliza's, which we see at the end of Act I?The "romance" of the play's subtitle refers, of course, to the complete transformation of the "guttersnipe," the "squashed cabbage leaf' of the first act, into this delightful creature who is more magnificent than any real duchess — more real because, as it develops during the course of this act, Eliza has manners which are better and more.

The Ways Eliza Changes Over the Course of the Play Essay Words | 3 Pages The Ways Eliza Changes Over the Course of the Play The play "Pygmalion" by George Bernad Shaw is one of the famous English plays in the world.

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