Norbert wieners phd thesis

Through his father, he was related to Maimonidesthe famous rabbiphilosopher and physician from Al Andalusas well as to Akiva Egerchief rabbi of Posen from to

Norbert wieners phd thesis

I had not heard of the concept of an academic genealogy before then, but I was immediately intrigued and started tracing mine. An academic genealogy is a sequence of advisor-advisee relationships, usually in modern times a sequence of PhD dissertation advisor-advisee relationships.

A person with a PhD may have only one advisor analogous to a parent in a biological genealogy or two co-advisors. As I researched my academic lineage, the Mathematics Genealogy Project MGP provided a great deal of relevant information a little of it erroneous but since then corrected in its database.

The MGP can be accessed here or here. The fact that thesis titles are supplied for many of the people in the MGP … gives me a modest level of confidence in its reliability.

For the MGP new information or corrections are submitted and vetted, and the submission forms include space for sources and references. The MGP does not currently display sources or references, though its director, Dr.

Users with the status of editor can directly make changes in the Academic Family Tree. The fact that thesis titles are supplied for many of the people in the MGP, even some in the sixteenth century, gives me a modest level of confidence in its reliability.

Norbert Wieners Phd Thesis

For most people in its database the MGP does a good job of briefly describing the type of relationship they had with each advisor or student. In the Academic Family Tree the displays of detailed Norbert wieners phd thesis about people in the tree specify the nature of their connections to their advisors and advisees.

Some other types of teacher-student lineages are spiritual lineages and musical lineages. My apologies for the possible small visual defects which allow the files to be reasonably small and thus quickly downloadable. The mother of another friend studied ballet with a student of a student of Michel Fokine.

In all of these lineages there is a concept of transmission. In the biological case, genes are transmitted among other things. How then shall we research, describe, or cite the transmission of knowledge and techniques when we are documenting the lineage?

People being awarded a PhD have presumably learned something from their advisor sbut in some cases may come to believe that the theories or approaches pursued by their advisors are fundamentally flawed and that completely different alternatives are required.

So, we can document the approval link between teacher s and newly-minted-PhDs, and it may be a proxy for the transmission of conceptual frameworks, methodology, knowledge, and even attitudes and biases. If I am to claim any man as my master in my mathematical training, it must be G.

A number of the links connecting Hardy to Newton are from a University of Cambridge tutor to the tutored student, who received a Cambridge M. So we have here the transmission of ideas and their transmutation. Thus two of my academic ancestors when the phrase is not used too restrictively struggled against each other, a situation somewhat analogous to the fact that I have biological ancestors on both sides of the U.

I am fascinated by this academic genealogy in part because it is a sampling of the intellectual history of the human race. It also illustrates the development of higher education in Europe and its export to the U. Eliot, who spent several years in Europe studying its universities and then returned to America and as president of Harvard led its transformation from a provincial college into a world-class research university.

There are some interesting connections between my biological genealogy and my academic one. Lanman joined the Harvard faculty inand Royce became a philosophy professor there in Lanman was a friend and great admirer of Harvard president Charles W.

The following two stories are presented largely as they were conveyed to me by a granddaughter of Prof. For his study in his Farrar Street house built in he designed a woodbox that was under a hinged window seat close to his fireplace.

The result was convenient and practical. When he invited Josiah Royce over to see his newly finished house, he proudly pointed out the window seat, opening it up to show the handy space for fireplace wood beneath the seat.

It was modified baby talk, presumably. Once, when these children were no more than two years old, Mrs. Wiener and little Norbert came over to visit.

The children played for a while, and then Mrs. Between those two homes was the home of Prof. Edward Cummings, whose son E. One of Josiah R. When the rest of us with our unreliable modern inventions electricity were plunged in darkness, the Royce house was ablaze with gas lights and Welsbach burners as if to remind the neighbors that the Royces had always stood for sound values and no modern claptrap.

I like to think of the contrast between the kitchen in Mrs.Harvard awarded Wiener a Ph.D.


in , when he was merely 17 years old, for a dissertation on mathematical logic, supervised by Karl Schmidt, the essential results of which were published as Wiener ().

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Norbert wieners phd thesis

Norbert Wiener, Inventor of Cybernetics - Living Internet Norbert Wiener was born on November 26, , and received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Harvard University at the age of 18 for a thesis on mathematical Archive of slides and video lectures - Norbert Wiener Center Enrico Au-Yeung - PhD dissertation; Constructive digital Harmonic.

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