Original greek myth essay

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Original greek myth essay

He was called Archaeus Maningus, and, he married a usurped queen named Olva, exiled from her home kingdom of Missippia. Together Olva and Archaeus had 3 mortal children all with incredible strength, guts and wisdom named Copeus, Peito, and Elisha, all of whom lived with him on Mount Olympus.

Despite, attempting to fight these rebels, they brutally, flogged him to death. This upset Archaeus and he and his family went to live in the city of Nerlens in the kingdom of Louisia, neighbor of Missippia. It was in Louisia, that Peito began to hone his talents. He joined a football team at his school and almost immediately became their leader and the best player on the team.

He outwitted and outlasted his rivals on the field and led his group of players to thirty-four victories and only was defeated five times in battle. He was recognized for his greatness all over the region, throughout over forty-nine kingdoms.

He later decided to take his talents to the kingdom of Tennes, where he started for four years on the Tennes College football team, playing against top-notch competition and dominating in battle against it.

He would win numerous awards for his excellence on the field. He would go on to be the first mortal selected to play the game for a living with a band a football playing male colts representing the kingdom of Indisis.

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Peito would go on to be considered among the best ever to play and he was declared the best player in the years and A. While Peito was making quite a legacy for himself, Elisha could only look on as his brother, achieved greatness and he stood in his shadow.

Elisha faced constant comparisons to his brother, as he was a good football player as well. As Elisha grew up in the same town and went to the same school as Peito, people remembered all that his brother did and convinced him he would never be as good as his brother.

They told him he should quit now and save him self the embarrassment of learning that he would never be good enough.

Elisha went to college at the ancient College of Missippia, where he was welcome because of his bloodline stemming from his father. Despite, no one ever thinking he was good enough, Elisha was blessed the gift of perseverance by Thina the oft-forgotten immortal god of persistence and wisdom.

After four years at the ancient college, Elisha was recognized somewhat but nearly as much as brother. He would receive some accolades for his play but not nearly as many as his brother.

The team, was charging up to take their shot at being the best in all of the region. But, alas, Elisha knew this was not the team for him and he traded places with a man named Lakes who would join with the bolts and become a deathly force with them.

Original greek myth essay

Lakes had been invited to play with a team of giants from the kingdom of Neuyoerk, the largest city in the region and home to giant buildings as well as regular giants. Elisha immediately felt that was where he belonged.One day, Copeus, the eldest, was walking in a meadow in Missippia, and out of nowhere, was overcame by people who disagreed with his father’s rise to immortality and the family living on Mount Olympus, where they felt gods should only live.

Writing a Greek Myth Elements of Greek Myths: Gods and goddesses are central characters Gods and goddesses have special powers A natural phenomenon, occurrence, or event is explained by the myth A lesson is taught or a cultural or moral value is explained through the myth Gods .

Which Greek myth is your favorite, or which one do you believe is the most important?


Write a persuasive essay arguing for the particular importance and virtue of this myth. But what is the “myth essay”?

Original greek myth essay

First of all, let’s find out, what myth, actually is. A myth is a unique representation of legendary heroes and gods, fantastic or supernatural creatures, explaining the nature and peculiarities of the world, or the man’s destiny.

Create an Original Greek Myth. Essay. The Ancient Myth of Elisha There once was a martyr, who due to his immortal abilities, he became the immortal god of football. He was called Archaeus Maningus, and, he married a usurped queen named Olva, exiled from her home kingdom of Missippia.

- Greek mythology is a body of myths and teachings that belong to the ancient Greeks concerning Titans, gods, and heroes. According to Alan Dundes, a myth is a sacred narrative explaining how the world and humankind assumed their present form (Dundes 1).

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