Social smuggling problem

Poaching is a problem for a number of different reasons which extend far beyond the popular view that the only reason we fight poaching is to save the life of an animal here or there. In discussing these impacts it is helpful to break the effects down into different categories.

Social smuggling problem

Egypt When authorities seized a diplomatic pouch at the port in Naples, they weren't expecting to unearth a plot more suited to an Indiana Jones movie.

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The pouch — which was discovered in March last year — hid an eclectic assortment of Egyptian antiquities: The loot had been stolen from Egypt and it was clear that powerful and connected individuals were involved. Smuggling of antiquities is a trade nearly as old as the artefacts themselves.

But for Egypt, the trade has escalated since the Arab Spring and social media made it easier to access hidden treasures. The crisis is so bad it can be seen from space. Satellite imagery of archaeology sites before and after they were looted show massive craters in the ground where artefacts have been stolen.

And there is big money involved: Satellite images show destruction of Egyptian archaeological area ABC News Antiquities in backyards Exactly how much has been stolen remains largely unknown. Some Egyptologists, including the divisive and flamboyant former antiquities minister Dr Zahi Hawass, believe that only about 30 per cent of ancient Egypt has been unearthed, which means that many items were never officially registered.

Antiquities in backyards

Even today, digging turns up previously undetected millennia-old antiquities. Unrest in Egypt in the past seven years has brought an uptick in illicit trading. When the Arab Spring protests of unseated president Hosni Mubarak from power after 30 years of dictatorial rule, the police state crumbled too.

Hundreds of antiquities sites from the Pharaonic, Coptic and Islamic eras and museums were left largely unguarded, and raiders swooped in to loot them. The treasures were passed to the lucrative international antiquities black market through Egypt's international ports or porous borders.

Many of the antiquities end up in Europe and the United States with private collectors — by far the largest market for Egyptian goods — but also elsewhere in the Middle East, Asia and even Australia, according to Shaaban Abdel-Gawad, the head of the repatriation department at the Ministry of Antiquities.

Her analysis of government reports as well as social and traditional media revealed there have been about seizures of Egyptian antiquities in ports globally. Traffickers range from the large and well-armed gangs in organised trafficking networks who overrun guards at antiquities sites, to individuals in villages who make a lucky find on their property and sell to a middleman or the local mafia.

Social smuggling problem

Social media has also played a significant role in resurgence of the illegal trade. A Facebook page created in to crowdsource information on how to do your own illegal excavation has attracted more than 50, members in a year, according to Ms Paul.

Egypt's colourful former antiquities minister, Zahi Hawass. Hamada Elrasam Corruption alleged Egyptian authorities have also been accused of having a hand in the smuggling process, including Dr Hawass. He was taken to court in relation to smuggling and corruption inbut cleared of the charges.

There is no official involved in smuggling," he says. A foreign archaeologist, who spoke to the ABC on condition of anonymity, said they suspected inspectors were involved. Perth's 'Indiana Joan' In the past, there were far fewer barriers to looting and smuggling.The reason human trafficking posed such a serious problem during the World Cup was that there would be an increased amount of tourists, meaning an increased amount of men, in South Africa.

Since men are the highest consumers in the human trafficking world, that meant there was a fairly great chance for increased amounts of trafficking during. Human trafficking in Europe is a regional manifestation of the wider practice of trade in humans for the purposes of various forms of coercive exploitation.

data collection and management has continued to be a problem for countries in the Balkans some incidences of trafficking are investigated as smuggling, prostitution, etc., which. Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare Trafficking Defined Defining trafficking can be difficult.

There is no single, universally accepted definition of trafficking (Arnold & Bertone, ; IMO, ). Trafficking is often confused with smuggling or illegal immigration; it is . Aug 21,  · Why is poaching such a problem? 4 Replies. Social Impacts.

As well as the impacts listed above which all have some kind social dimension, the social impacts of poaching are harder to objectively measure and their seriousness often depends on each person’s own sense of ethics and morality.

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Security, smuggling, South Africa. Note is not a solution to the domestic drug problem. Rather, the key concern is a remedy for the global epidemic of violence associated with drug trafficking. Once drug trafficking is adequately addressed, this Note will posit a government regulatory regime to confront the domestic problem.

Social smuggling problem

Organized Criminals Won’t Fade Away Vanda Felbab-Brown Thursday, August 2, How to solve the problem without generating even greater violence or why smuggling in legal goods take place.

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