Spank or not to spank essay

Last Updates That was an awful day for this red haired slutty bimbo! She forgot to write the essay for this boy and when he saw an empty exercise book, he got hetup about it! A brilliant idea came through his mind and he put his hand on those sweet trembling ass cheeks!

Spank or not to spank essay

As she explains, Sarah had been fascinated by spanking for most of her life but her first ever spanking was on film.

Children Should Not Be Spanked Essay Sample

Now she has been spanked many times for websites and in her personal life, and her own website has taken off too. Plenty more of her thoughts regarding spanking can be found at her spanking blog. We caught up with Sarah Gregory in September … I was sorry to hear that you were in hospital recently.

Are you ok now? How long before you get your next spanking? I am ok now thanks. I had a hernia repair surgery for what looked like a congenital femoral hernia. It was rather serious though, more than first expected to be.

Luckily I have a great family when it comes to health issues. They were there to take care of me in my first week and a half of recovery.

As far as spanking…. I have already received my next spankings……. This booty could not wait. I probably pushed it a bit too soon, but being at a spanking party two weeks after surgery was like putting candy in front of a child and telling them not to touch it. Were you spanked growing up?

No I was never spanked growing up.

She was all about positive reinforcement through charts and stickers and rewards. My father I think went along with her, though threatened once from him, he never went through with it.

I think the threat in itself worked enough…. When did you first realise you might like spanking? That is when I had my first fantasy of a teacher spanking me and I was hooked on this idea. I was determined at that point to watch it in as many mainstream movies as I could, look it up in the dictionary, and play school with my friends to try to get them to spank me.

Spank or not to spank essay

How was your very first spanking? My very first spanking was not something that I had expected. I think this had to do with the fact that my first time getting a real spanking, as in hard, was in a Punished Brats video where Veronica Bound spanked me.

Based on this experience, I got labelled as having a low tolerance…well it was my first damn time getting spanked, of course I would need to work up a tolerance over time, which I know realize. I currently have a medium to high tolerance and can gradually keep taking more and more.

I surprise myself sometimes with what I take. Deep down, I really consider my first spanking experience off camera to be more of what I had in mind and expected.

I wrote in detail about it in this blog posting that I think everyone should read. What do you like about being spanked? Well, I am definitely not a submissive. I like to call myself a brat or bottom.

It is more emotional for me. I also like being spanked by a woman whom I am sexually attracted to as foreplay for sex. I love role-play and sensual spanking with more feeling and rubbing as well as spanking.

Step 3: Contact Details Written in a few weeks as a response to a proposed nuclear testing moratorium and other issues, it has been interpreted and misinterpreted, praised and excoriated. It recently generated hundreds of "reviews" on the Amazon.
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I like this kind of spanking because it turns me on and makes me again feel loved and like the woman wants me and therefore, I want to please her knowing that she is in control and can control my sexual arousal.Spanking can promote discipline and allows for less child rebellion.

This type of discipline also teaches the child respect for his or her parents, elders, and society in general. Spanking should not be considered child abuse unless the spanking comes from somewhere else other than discipline.

Spanking is not good for a child. Here are the reasons why you should not spank your child: Spanking models Parents who spank their children are teaching them to do the same thing to other children. Sep 16,  · The indictment of Adrian Peterson on child abuse charges has revealed sharp differences in cultural, regional and generational attitudes toward spanking.

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A Top's View of This Thing We Do. Spank Or Not To Spank Have you ever been out in public along with a parent and child has a fighting match since the child wants something which the parent want buy or the child simply runs off whether the parent is busy looking for something.

Spank or not to spank essay

Should parents spank their kids or not? The latter is the question that is being discussed in this essay. While there are many parents who are against spanking, there are also a lot of parents who think that spanking is the most effective way to teach a child lesson.

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