Strategic business plan for rto sullivans

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Strategic business plan for rto sullivans

Who should attend Managers from public research and technology organisation, technology and innovation institutes, and centres of excellence. Professionals from public and private sectors that would like to gain new insights from theory and international practice to complement their hands-on policy experience.

Learning outcomes RTOs face a number of challenges in the context of global technological change and shifting national innovation system structures and priorities.

strategic business plan for rto sullivans

In particular, there is increasing interest in new innovation functions and technical competencies that RTOS might need to develop to respond to those missions and goals. This course sets out to: Practical country case studies, international trends and policy direction will also be discussed.

Sessions will be interactive, including a combination of presentations, activities and discussions, suitable for participants from a range of functions and levels. Course information from University of Cambridge, Institute for Manufacturing Please note that instructors are subject to change and not all instructors teach in each session of the program.

Policy Links' mission is to develop new policy evidence, insights and tools building on the latest academic thinking and international best practice.

strategic business plan for rto sullivans

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