The changes that can be made to the catholic education that exist in the present education system

The Catholic school is receiving more and more attention in the Church since the Second Vatican Council, with particular emphasis on the Church as she appears in the Constitutions Lumen Gentium and Gaudium et Spes. The present document develops the idea of this Declaration, limiting itself to a deeper reflection on the Catholic school.

The changes that can be made to the catholic education that exist in the present education system

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The changes that can be made to the catholic education that exist in the present education system

The background and influence of naturalism Pietists emphasized Christian devotion and diligence as paths to the good life; Enlightenment thinkers focused on reason and clear thinking as the sensible way to happiness.

Rousseau and his followers were intrigued by a third and more elusive ideal: He argued that good education should develop the nature of man. Yet Rousseau found that mankind has not one nature but several: Rousseau is pessimistic, almost fatalistic, about changing the nature of modern man. The most important thing for the healthy and natural development of the child at this age is that he learn to use his physical powers, especially the sense organs.

The teacher must pay special attention to distinguishing between the real needs of the child and his whims and fancies. Games and other forms of amusement should be allowed at this age, and the child should by no means be overtaxed by scholarly instruction at too early an age.

The third book is devoted to the ages from 12 to He learns a trade, among other things.

Keeping the Faith. Telling the Truth.

He studies sciencenot by receiving instruction in its facts but by making the instruments necessary to solve scientific problems of a practical sort. A girl cannot be educated to be a man. According to Rousseau, a woman should be the centre of the familya housewife, and a mother.

She should strive to please her husband, concern herself more than he with having a good reputation, and be satisfied with a simple religion of the emotions.

Even so, probably no other writer in modern times has inspired as many generations as did Rousseau. His dramatic portrayal of the estrangement of natural man from society jolted and influenced such contemporary thinkers as Immanuel Kant and continues to intrigue philosophers and social scientists.

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His idea that teachers must see things as children do inspired Pestalozzi and has endured as a much-imitated ideal. Stanley Hall and Jean Piaget. The Sensationists A group of French writers contemporary with Rousseau and paralleling in some ways the thought of both Rousseau and Locke are known as the Sensationist s, or, sometimes, the Sensationist psychologists.

In the Treatise on Sensations Condillac imagined a statue organized inwardly like a man but animated by a soul that had never received an idea or a sense impression.

He then unlocked its senses one by one. Condillac rejected the notion of innate ideas, arguing instead that all faculties are acquired. Thus the way in which ideas and faculties originate is the way of logic, and to communicate a truth is to follow the order in which ideas come from the senses.

What makes people different in later life are differing experiences. Hypothetically, two persons brought up with the same chance experiences and education would be exactly the same.

From this it followed that the teacher must attempt to control the environment of the child and guide his instruction step by step. The Rousseauists Rousseau left behind no disciples in the sense of a definite academic communitybut hardly a single theorist of the late 18th century or afterward could avoid the influence of his ideas.

A foreign language, for instance, was to be learned in six months.

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He promoted, in general, a pedagogic hothouse atmosphere.The private-school sector supplies the financially and the intellectually well endowed with an array of single-sex schooling options. Below are profiles of the oldest girls’ . A guide to the education system in the USA.


The changes that can be made to the catholic education that exist in the present education system

Outlines for sex education INTRODUCTION. 1. The harmonious development of the human person progressively reveals in each of us the image of a child of God.

Key Points • In , the majority of abortion patients (60%) were in their 20s, and the second-largest age-group was in their 30s (25%).

• The proportion of abortion patients who were adolescents declined 32% between and Sources.


CHIEF SOURCES.—First of all come the writings of Gregory himself, of which a full account is given above, the most important from a biographical point of view being the fourteen books of his Letters and the four books of Dialogues.

A guide to the education system in the USA. United States of America Structure of Educational System Pre-higher Education System.

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