The cost and consequences of free education

University Business, March Gary A. Olson is president of Daemen College in New York. Andrew Cuomo made national news when, standing beside senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, he announced in January the most recent in a growing number of free tuition proposals. This proposal can serve as a case study or cautionary tale about how such free tuition plans nationwide can produce unintended consequences if they are not informed by input from higher education leaders.

The cost and consequences of free education

August 24, ; Inside Higher Ed Few experts question the need for basic education as a way to palliate social ills. Education is considered a primary way to overcome all sorts of social problems, from extreme poverty to health literacy.

Education: The Rising Cost of Not Going to College

In this area, NPQ has covered for-profit and nonprofit universitiesthe role of universities as theoretical think tanks or job-readiness factoriesand models for lowering college tuition.

All of these issues relate to the overall questions of public and private benefits of higher education, who should access it, and for how much. A recent model of nearly-free education is University of the People, an online institution based in California.

While tuition is free, students do have to pay for end-of-course exams. This close-to-free online model has caught the rising wave of massive open online courses MOOCssuch as edX and Courserawhich are channels for international heavyweights like Harvard and Johns Hopkins to reach more students.

The Inside Higher Ed article downplays the stigma of online education and the fact that many students perceive these courses as easy credit.

The cost and consequences of free education

In a recent Forbes articleJohn Ebersole, president of the nonprofit Excelsior Collegeoffered the following a critique of the Clinton plan: Free may have another downside, as free or close-to-free models have existed in Europe for a long timeyet most European countries have low university enrollment rates compared to the U.

By broadly subsidizing higher education more heavily, the average taxpayer is in effect financing many young people from well-off families and the high salary-earners of tomorrow.

It should be asked if it is fair for people who do not benefit from university to contribute to its financing to this extent. Yet University of the People addresses the question of who benefits from lower tuition by targeting refugees and immigrants who would otherwise have finished their degrees in their home countries.

They also use volunteers and paid staff, apply peer-based learning and collaboration, and use open learning resources to fill a need for a specific population and not to lower education costs for everyone.

Free education may not cure all social ills, but one thing is clear: Scores of students from all backgrounds would undoubtedly prefer to sling coffee with a free degree than one that costs a lifetime of debt.Jan 19,  · A free college education for all? The UoPeople experiment is testing the free education model today.

If it is successful, it will spread more or less rapidly, and even if that particular effort. The idea would cost $70 billion per year, more than twice what the federal government spends on Pell grants.

And much of that money would provide a free education to students whose families can. The Unintended Consequences of Free Tuition Proposals. Higher Education Cost Of Higher Education Free Tuition The Unintended Consequences of . Click here to read about the pros and cons of tuition-free colleges.

Home» Find Colleges» Affordability & Cost of College» Pros and Cons of Tuition-Free College. Pros and Cons of Tuition-Free College If higher education at public schools becomes free. Educational articles are an excellent resource for parents who are interested in learning about the best parenting practices from experts in the field.

With insights from top education specialists, these parenting articles provide advice and information for both typical and unusual parenting circumstances. Like all of the free tuition plans proposed to date, Home > Professional Opinion > The unintended consequences of free college tuition.

Professional Opinion. such free tuition plans nationwide can produce unintended consequences if they are not informed by input from higher education leaders.

Learning transcends walls. Archibald and David H.

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