The hyper capitalist nature of the us government

When the eager mercantilist minister asked how the French state could be of service to the merchants and help promote their commerce, Le Gendre replied simply "laissez-nous faire" "leave it to us" or "let us do [it]", the French verb not having to take an object.

The hyper capitalist nature of the us government

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All governments exist due to money. Governments are products of money, governments are social creations based upon capital. All monetary civilizations are capitalist. Capitalism eventually arises whenever a civilization is based on money. Any civilization based on money is a civilization based upon profit and private ownership.

Communism in practice has only ever entailed a capitalist modality because the nature of capital, the phenomenon of scarcity entailing wealth imbalance, inevitably entails capitalism, capitalism is inescapable if civilization is based on money.

Communism can never exist in actuality, it only exists as a deceptive description of capitalism. Usually the communist deception occurs due to unawareness, an ignorance of what money actually is. Malicious conning, a need to hoodwink people, can also be a motivator for the communist illusion-delusion.

Anarcho-capitalism is no different to communism, it is an illusion, it is merely capitalism thus it entails governance, governments. Widespread voluntaryism is likewise impossible in a society based upon money. Governments are methods for managing money, they are societal creations similar to how money is a societal creation.

Management of money is the purpose of all governments. Governments manage money, they manage all the problems of social dysfunction arising from money, it is all about scarcity. Capitalism money is a method for governing social interactions thus logically and inevitably an actual government is the consequence of social behaviour mediated via the governing nature of money.

Money is a method of control, it controls the allocation of resources, money governs scarcity of resources. Actual governments are reflections of the inherent governance of social interactions based on capital, wealth, money.

Capitalism is all about control. All political systems are about the control of capital. The control of capital logically entails the control of people because people create capital.

Consider feudalismfeudalism is another name for capitalism because the purpose of feudalism is to control capital, likewise with tyranny we are again looking at capitalism, the control of capital.

Money is governance, it governs the allocation of scarce resources, money governs behaviour, thus actual governance, governments, will always arise from monetary interactions when monetary interactions become sufficiently complex.

All roads lead to Rome.

The hyper capitalist nature of the us government

Governments are an inevitable consequence of money because money is all about governing social interactions. Any resistance to a central banking system is futile due to the nature of what money is.

Money is governance thus with sufficient complexity regarding the governing nature of monetary interactions, there will occur a centralized body known as a government. A government can be defined as a level of high monetary complexity.Capitalism is the only political system that is based upon man's true nature as a being who possesses the faculty of reason -- capitalism is the only system that recognizes that human beings can think.

Capitalism and Human Nature. Free, capitalist societies, However, the kind of freedom and wealth we enjoy in the United States remains a chimera to billions. While our evolved capacities. B) Voter turnout in the United States is constitutionally mandated. C) Voters are usually a microcosm of the entire body of American citizens.

D) Most American . All forms of capitalist production need a state to function; "state capitalism" is a term which indicates a distinction from the Chicago and old Austrian schools of economics, which think the government should stay completely neutral.

American Capitalism Is, First and Foremost, A Lie. The “capitalism” that we “enjoy” today is not the same kind of “capitalism” from the post-WWII era.

The Nature and Value of Economics and Capitalism, Chapter 1 of George Reisman's CAPITALISM: A TREATISE ON ECONOMICS. Discusses individaul rights, freedom, and government and shows why only individual freedom can achieve material prosperity.

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