The struggles of the israeli freedom fighters after the world war ii in the book dawn by elie wiesel

Situates the roots of the current round of Israeli empire-building in Zionist relations with the imperial regimes of Great Britain, Germany and the United States. In order to shed light on the genocidal assaults currently facing the inmates of the Gaza open-air prison, brief case studies highlight pivotal Freedom Struggles in the era of the French Revolution. With their deafening complicity of silence and their unwillingness to criticize forthrightly the Israeli government led by Benjamin Netanyahu, most Western governments are implicitly sanctioning the criminal slaughter of the caged and dehumanized Palestinians.

Matania Ginosar When I joined the Israeli underground LECHI at fifteen the British, and most Israelis, called me a terrorist and tried to arrest and even kill whoever they could from our meager membership. We were called "the Stern Gang," the British murdered most of our leaders, and arrested almost all the rest.

One member, who later became my friend, Yehoshua Cohen, who many years later became the bodyguard of Ben Gurion, resurrected us from obscurity and build up our dedicated teams cells slowly, spreading them over the country. Many of our leaders escaped prison by digging a hundred and fifty feet tunnel and re-joined the fight.

Many other dedicated members died, including my cell leader, Mordechai. I was lucky, I just spent a short time in jail. My brother spent nearly two years in a British detention camp in Africa with hundreds of other freedom fighters.

His wife, a freedom fighter too, was arrested with him, and served time in prison. I knew in my soul, as my friends did too, that Israel was ours and the British would have to leave, no matter how long it would take, and how many of us would die in that fight.

All my education, my upbringing, my inner feelings told me that one day, all this area would, again, be our land. We expected the local Arabs and Christians to live in our Jewish State as equal citizens.

We raised so much hell for them that they finally asked the UN to take over. And we got a sliver of a free state.

Terrorists aim to create terror in the civilian population by killing innocent civilians, men, women and children. The freedom fighters of Israel did their best to prevent killing not only Britsh civilians, but also British policemen. One of our underground members hated the British and killed a policeman without orders.

The struggles of the israeli freedom fighters after the world war ii in the book dawn by elie wiesel

We warned him, but he did it again. One of our leaders killed him under orders. We had many opportunities to kill British policemen, but we targeted only those that killed and tortured our members while prisoners. When the Irgun underground decided to blow up the King David Hotel, a British headquarter, they warned the British half an hour earlier, but the British could not believe that the Irgun could penetrate their command center and did not evacuate it.

Their arrogance caused the death of many people, including civilians. Why am I telling this old story now? Because I am concerned about the way some Americans, and painfully some Jews, misunderstand the situation in Israel and what occurred there for the last hundred years, and now.

Some still blame Israel for the agony there. Some withhold their support because they find lack of perfection in this Jewish State, which is fighting continuously for its survival. Some sit here in judgement on a state and people of which they have little understanding.

The writer emphasized the suffering of the Palestinians, with little understanding of the suffering of the Israelis.

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After all, the Israelis are the "strong" ones, therefore the "bad" ones. Most of the media approach the Arab-Israel problem that way. The article in the Bee was nicely done, sanitized, the way most Americans want to see this story.

Most of us like to have things nicely packaged, refraining from seeing the pictures of true agony in order to continue our lives without too much involvement. Much of this shield was broken on September We started to see the world in truer colors.

I hope we can now see the Israeli story also as it really is, and not through the utopian eyes of unrealistic people. Please understand that most people know very little about the utterly desolated, and unpopulated land Palestine was years ago, when Jews started to come to Israel in increasing numbers.

The Jews did not displace anybody; it was nearly an empty land. You heard, but you do not know how much the Israelis scarified to live on this thin sliver of a land just five percent the size of California.

The struggles of the israeli freedom fighters after the world war ii in the book dawn by elie wiesel

Please allow me to tell you a little of my own family experience in Israel so that you may start to feel a little of the agonies that the Jews of Israel went, and are going, through.

The dream of my family for an Israeli State was not different from the dreams of most Jews. My father was two years old when his parents left Russia to go to Cairo, Egypt.

They hoped to go to Israel, but the poverty and severe occupation of the Turkish Ottoman Empire was so hard that Jews already there left Israel to live in the British-controlled Egypt. A few years later my mother and her family left Metulla, on donkeys, in the Galil of northern Israel, because of starvation and torment under the Turks, to Cairo, after living there a hundred and fifty years.

After the British conquered the Middle East inand promised the Jews to help them create a state on the two sides of the Jordan, my father and many of his friends moved to Israel to build the new state.

Dawn (The Night Trilogy, #2) by Elie Wiesel

In Churchill created Trans Jordan and gave three quarters of the land promised to be Israel to the Arabs.Three Aspects of Night By Elie Wiesel using tone mood and literary language Night by Elie Wiesel is an autobiographical novel recording Mr. Wiesels experiences during the World War II holocaust.

As a 15 year old boy Elie was torn from his home and placed in a concentration camp. Elie Wiesel, a world famous, highly honored (and sometimes-criticized) Jewish writer and political activist, was born in Romania in The novella Dawn was his first work of fiction, published in /5.

Dawn is a novel by Elie Wiesel, published in It is the second in a trilogy— Night, Dawn, and Day—describing Wiesel's experiences or thoughts during and after the Holocaust.

Dawn is an original work of fiction. It tells the story of Elisha, a Holocaust the war, Elisha moves to the British Mandate of Palestine and joins the Irgun (in the book known as the Movement), a Author: Elie Wiesel.

Jan 12,  · The Irgun terrorists (or freedom fighters, depending on how you look at it), slaughtered men, women and children in that small village, beginning what the Israelis call the “War of Independence,” even though their opponents, the rightful owners of the land, were largely unarmed and defenseless civilians.

After the events of World War II, which brought to a terrible culmination the deep hostility of European Christendom to European Jewry in an event widely labelled “the Holocaust,” Zionism turned its attention to the dominant superpower .

Elie Wiesel and his wife, Marion, established The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity soon after he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace.

The Foundation's mission, rooted in the memory of the Holocaust, is to combat indifference, intolerance and injustice through international dialogue and youth-focused programs that promote acceptance.

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