Will writing service hsbc mexico

Principal Business Groups and Divisions: HSBC provides financial services to small, medium-sized and middle-market enterprises. The group has more than 3 million of such customers, including sole proprietors, partnerships, clubs and associations, incorporated businesses and publicly quoted companies. It provides investment banking and financing solutions for corporate and institutional clients, including corporate banking, investment banking, capital markets, trade services, payments and cash management, and leveraged acquisition finance.

Will writing service hsbc mexico

If so, you might need to take some action. HSBC are selling their probate services to a company called Simplify. They may have written to you to this effect. The sale is expected to conclude in October. No information about their charges has been supplied.

You cannot make an informed decision on this without knowing what Simplify will charge your estate for acting as Executor. In many cases it is often not appropriate to have a company as your Executor. A major concern is that Simplify is not regulated by the Financial Services Authority, the Solicitors Regulation Authority or any other regulatory body.

This means they are not subject to rules on the way they can behave or the charges they can make. There is no information about their staff and whether they are qualified. Simplify will not have to act within usual expected parameters for this type of service and your beneficiaries have no right of complaint if things go wrong.

It is important that you review the whole of your Will before taking this action.

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HSBC have sent two blank template Codicils with very little guidance. There are strict rules about signing Wills and Codicils and who can or cannot be a witness. If the Codicil is not completed properly, it may not be valid in any case. HSBC have also stated that changes to their standard Codicil should not be made.

This is an unrealistic timescale and has no legal standing. You do need to be aware of the consequences if you take no action and you are also entitled to take much longer to make a decision than the meagre few weeks offered by HSBC. Your Will is often the most important document you will ever sign.

If you know someone has received a letter from HSBC or has a Will with them but is no longer able to make decisions, there are also options available and we may be able to help.

will writing service hsbc mexico

If you are worried about this situation, please make an appointment to see your Solicitor who will take you through the options and how they affect you.

Please contact a member of our Private Client team.HSBC Your Guide to SEPA Capitalising on the opportunities. Executive Summary Developed by the European Payments Council, the of the EU Payment Services Directive in , which We have created Your Guide to SEPA to provide you with concise, expert knowledge on the key SEPA.

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BIMEMXMM - Swift BIC Code of Hsbc Mexico S.A. Institucion De Banca Multiple Grupo Financier Hsbc, Securities Services Cnc Mexico Mexico Swift BIC code of Hsbc Mexico S.A. Institucion De Banca Multiple Grupo Financier Hsbc which is located in Mexico, Securities Services Cnc Mexico Mexico is BIMEMXMM HSBC does not provide will writing services.

If you need to amend your Will, including the addition of any specific instructions to the Executor, you can speak with Simplify if you would like further information on the services they offer. In June , HSBC announced that it is selling its Wills and Probate services to Simplify Trust Corporation, previously known as Chorus Law and ITC.

HSBC has been contacting its existing Wills clients advising that it will not be offering an executorship service after the date of the transfer. Jobs, companies, people, and articles for LinkedIn’s Director - Hsbc Mexico members.

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will writing service hsbc mexico

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